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“As a financier, it is crucial to be able to deliver a technical message in a clear and interesting manner to anyone outside the numerical world. Dalia was able to transform my squares and arrows slides into a full on presentation that was clear, easy to follow and eye catching. She made the slides beautiful, captured L'Oreal style in its theme and approach which made it much more receptive to the audience. I was finally able to communicate my point in a way that was also easy for other stakeholders to follow!”



Senior Business Controller of the Consumer Products Division, L'Oreal Egypt

“Dalia played a major role in helping us with one of the most challenging parts of running a business; landing new clients. To attract a new customer one must have a stellar introduction, which Dalia helped achieve through translating our thoughts and profile into a solid and structured presentation that delivered the message in a professional manner. She was very responsive to our comments and managed to deliver our needs exactly, on time. Our first point of contact with our target customers became much more attractive and it's been a success ever since!"



General Manager, Deraya Marketing Research,


“In the field of selling software solutions, we have one chance to make an impression, a client will either be hooked or completely dismiss an idea for a software solution based on how the idea is presented. Creating a simple, informative, attractive and structurally organized presentation is a tough task that Dalia has helped us a lot with. With her dedication, commitment and discipline (especially with deadlines) coming up the perfect presentation was a smooth process."



 The IG Portal,


“I am an independent development consultant. I usually develop my own presentations and I also believed I do great slide shows. So the idea of subcontracting someone to do my presentations was really not on my mind. Till one day, I was really squeezed in time and had an important presentation to do. My daughter convinced me to let Dalia help me. I am sooo glad I took her recommendation. I was amazed and thrilled by what Dalia did. She was able to translate my ideas and talking points into a great visual POWERpoint! And everything using a fresh and new prospective unlike the traditional presentation my clients were used to! I highly recommend Dalia and I highly encourage you to experience how nice to see your own work polished and presented to you by such a great visual artist and strategist. Go with DALIA!"



Development Consultant, 


“Usually when building a presentation, it gets tough and overwhelming to picture the story with the flow of content in an attractive setup. Dalia helped a lot in the process, discussing the idea, putting in time to brainstorm, giving recommendations from her previous experience. In addition she was super fast, dedicated and completely getting the ideas with the flow in mind in no time. Truly enjoyed her support, creativity and output".



Senior Brand Manager, Nestlé Egypt

"Dalia has an unprecedented talent than no other has in creating presentations that are outstanding. She helped me in a personal job that was really done differently in terms of design and solutions. she helped put together all the thoughts and ideas in a very creative way and was really structured. Dalia is very responsive and has a lot of solutions that deliver on your objective . Was such a great experience to work with her".



Brand Manager, Nestlé Egypt

"Dalia’s creativity, professionalism and commitment makes working with her a pleasure. The process she applies from pulling out a detailed briefing from the different parties involved, the ongoing updates and the flexibility in providing options of the work in progress simply enables her to deliver the “just right” formula! Meeting deadlines is a common sense and very well respected element when working with Dalia. Thank you Dalia for a very pleasant experience and looking forward to more and more projects together",



School Matters -Support Team, German International School Abu Dhabi, UAE

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